Jun 172010

How cute are these?

Little monkeys on his little bum! These are from Monkeysnuggles and so far I’m still on the fence about them. They’re totally cute and fit okay on him (they’re one size pocket diapers with snaps). But, both times I’ve had him in them they’ve leaked on me. I checked the fit and that seems to be okay. I think I need to either use a different insert or wash the insert I have a bunch more times to unlock its absorption. I’m going to try it later this week with a different soaker in it and see if things work differently. I want to love these because they’re super super cute.

So, for now I’ll withhold an opinion until I can give it a second chance:) The gDiapers got three chances and finally proved themselves, maybe the Monkeysnuggles will only take two!?

Next ones to try will be the Monkeysnuggles fitteds with a ThirstyDuo cover.

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