Jun 192010

So I had a tall order for this diaper – overnight coverage! We’ve used our pocket diapers overnight with no problem but I wanted to give them a break (since they make up 95% of our stash and are constantly being rotated and washed). I’d heard that fitteds with wool covers can let little bums breath better and are a good alternative when you’re home or for overnight but I’m too cheap to buy a wool cover (they can run anywhere from $30 – $50! I really need to learn how to knit!). So, I used these diapers with a Thirsties Duo cover. I should note also that I bought the fitted from the Monkeysnuggles etsy shop where it was a “second”. There’s a tiny tiny bobble in the serged edge but nothing enough to make any sort of different in the function of the diaper – saved me some cash so I was pleased!:)

Overall it did great! I diapered him up around 7:00pm and didn’t change him until he woke the next morning around 7:00am! We had a tiny bit of leakage but seriously, for 12 hours of coverage I was amazed!! Our pocket diapers don’t even do that well! Noah must have weighed 5 more lbs in the AM with the full diaper.

I used both soakers in addition to the main diaper. It was pretty bulky but heck, he was only sleeping. It’s not like he was trudging/toddling around in that set up (well, partly because he doesn’t trudge/toddle…but you get my jist).

Here’s what the MonkeySnuggles website has to say about the make up of these diapers:

This fabulously soft diaper is made of a layer of organic bamboo fleece (70% bamboo 30% organic cotton) sandwiched between a layer of organic bamboo velour (70% bamboo 28% organic cotton 2% polyester) on the inside and a cute cotton knit fabric on the outside. Includes two 4-layer velour topped snap in soakers.

I couldn’t agree more! Super absorbent and super soft! These are one size diapers too so they should work for him until he’s potty trained (they say from 10lb to 35lbs or more). I did have to fully extend it but I think that’s because I had both soakers snapped in. If I reduce it to just one or none then we’d have to cinch it down using the snaps.

Regardless, I’m super happy with this fitted. Now if I could only get their pocket diaper to perform as well we’d be in business! The verdict is still out on that guy.

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  1. patience mother:)There’s plenty of fun stuff, non diaper related coming up in the next few days:) Like now Noey rolled from belly to back today:)

  2. I am happy that Noah has good diapers. Now, onto something more exciting…. Mark’s Birthday… Father’s Day…dust bunnies…

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