Jun 302010

I’m conflicted on where to put this challenge – on this blog or the photography blog. I’m going to put it here because I think I’m going to be combining them in the future (since most of my work is of Noah right now anyways:) ).

Anywho…on to the challenge. In a Yellow House is having a Travel Photo Challenge – bonus points if it highlights Europe! I think I can oblige…something iconic for everyone:)

And just so this stays connected to Noah – he was but a tiny embryo growing strong when I took this pic. We found out about our pregnancy the day we got back. I had a feeling on the day we woke up in Murren when the clouds lifted and we could see the Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau that something special was happening:)

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(to see more of the Europe Pics head over to my photo blog at http://blog.kloeppingphotography.com and look back in the June/July 09 archives)

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  2 Responses to “In a Yellow House: Travel Photo Challenge”

  1. Wow, just look at the rockface!! Amazing!

  2. What a beautiful shot and a beautiful memory to attach!

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