Jun 202010

An ode to daddy for fathers day…

For a man with little infant experience and a deep fear of doing something that would break Noah, he’s blossomed into a fantastic and doting daddy! He’s game for middle of the night feedings and even embraced cloth diapering when I said I wanted to do it to save the earth (he only laughed at me a little). He has plans for our son as he grows up and is anxious to show him all the wonders that can be found playing outside. We’re even working on Noah’s hitting skills that are necessary to being a volleyball star (anyone know where I can find a mini volleyball?? :) ).

I find him gooing and gahing and baby talking to Noah on a regular basis (although I’m sure he’ll hurt me for revealing that to the public – if you know him in real life please go easy. I personally love that he makes a fool of himself to make our son smile.) And I know that his heart melts every time our son responds to his antics (I know mine does). He’s weathered being pooped, peed, and puked on with all the grace and elegance that only a father can have (and not one curse word was spoken in any of the incidents). And he’s stayed awake with me and worried when Noey was sick. He sleeps on the floor of the nursery sometimes when Noah is restless and is often the first to respond to his cries in order to let me sleep a little more.

I remember when I told him we were expecting (almost a year to the day today). He was so excited he swooped me up and spun me around. He was there for all the important milestone appts in my pregnancy and made sure I was obeying dr’s orders towards the end. He was my rock the day we were induced (I was an unusual mess of nerves and emotions) and after we came home (and I was hormonal mess). He didn’t freak out when I would randomly start crying and did his best to comfort a very irrational me.

He’s more than I could have ever hoped for in a father for my son and Noah’s a very lucky little boy to have him as a daddy (and I’m a very lucky mommy and wife).

So, Happy Father Day Daddy! Now go play some volleyball!

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  7 Responses to “Happy Fathers Day…”

  1. Hey there! Small world eh.
    We CD too, its great to see another CD mama! You will have to let me know your TB name.

    I’m following too.

  2. Lindsay,
    That was wonderful. Noah is such a lucky little monkey! Tell Mark “Happy Father’s day” for us.

  3. Ya’ made me cry…and that was just the pictures. Nice words. Great dad. Lucky Noah.

  4. This is such a lovely post, Lindsay. I hope the three of you are having a wonderful Fathers Day together!

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