Jun 242010

…and I don’t mean Noah. Pregnancy and his subsequent birth must have permanently altered my body chemistry because I’ve found a new strength in my emotional response that I’d never experienced before.

For example:
– I’m unable to watch anything birth related without crying like a baby.
– I read stories on peoples blogs about sickness or sorrow and I feel their pain and cry too. I’ve had a deep down ugly cry in response to their stories on more than one occasion.
– Upon hearing the news of a distant family member getting the heart transplant they needed, I teared up. I don’t even know the woman personally yet I found myself having to suppress tears.
– Finding out a close friend is pregnant
– Beautiful writing gets me every time. It could be happy/sad whatever, if it’s eloquently written, I fall into the story and find myself in tears.
– Looking at my son and realizing how much I love him (and watching my husband beam with pride at our little boy)

and the list goes on…

Now, I realize these situations probably do warrant a good emotional response but I’ve never been that person. I’ve never been “weepy”. I’ve always had my emotions under control and would be able to outwardly project a calm, cool, collected facade when in fact I was crying inside.

Now, don’t get me wrong, before this pregnancy and birth I would cry at sad movies and other situations that warranted a good cry but these days I find myself crying/reacting to/feeling so much more. I’m not sad otherwise in fact I’m quite the opposite. I’m in love with my life, my child, my husband, my family, and everything. And I don’t want this to trigger alarm bells in anyone, I’m just surprised at this new inability to turn off the waterworks:)

Perhaps it’s because being a mom has opened my eyes to an amazing new world …or it just could be the lack of sleep…

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  7 Responses to “Cry Baby…”

  1. Just found your blog through bridgetown baby momma… wanted to drop by and tell you how cute your little one is! My little guy was born just a few days after Bridgetown Baby Momma, and it looks like yours is about the same age as well.
    Also, I totally get the crying over anything baby related. It never said anything about that in the baby books!

    • Megan – thanks for stopping by! I actually have you guys in my google reader…I check in on little Nolan every so often! He was born the day before Noah (Feb 23). I see from your last post that pictures without hands in the mouth are tough for you too! I can’t get a single one without Noah’s hands in his mouth!

  2. Here from NFF – hope to see you at Dropped Stitches!

    xo Erin

  3. It doesn’t go away. My daughter is 3 and i still cry at anything child related. I recently cried that a coworker’s daughter graduated from high school and I met the girl twice. Thinking that some day my Megan would graduate and be going to college…well it jsut set me over the edge. Keep in mind I would cry maybe 3x a year prior to kids.

  4. I have an award for you here!

    Have a good one!

  5. Hey Lindsay….In my youth I sat through Love Story (the tear jerker of the day) and not a tear was shed. Been that way most of my life. Now I don’t get through a Disney flick without the tears. Fast foreword 12 or so years and you will be sitting in the movie theater and upon making the smallest sniffle Noah will be saying ‘Awww Mom, stop it.’ ;-)

  6. It’s a mix of all of those things. And, I hate to tell you, but it doesn’t go away. Welcome to motherhood :-)

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