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Before Noah was born I went thru all my options for diapering.  I’d always liked the idea of cloth diapers because for every diaper I reused, that was another that was kept out of the landfill. However I just couldn’t get over having to put poop into my washing machine and without a utility basin that’s basically what I’d be doing.  So, when I found gDiapers I thought I’d struck gold!  The gDiaper is a hybrid system with biodegradable disposable inserts and the reusable outter shells (i’ve blogged about them here, here, and here).  I really like them because they were the best of both worlds. However, after using them for a while I’ve found that for the work involved I think I’m just as well off doing full cloth.  Don’t get me wrong, I like my g’s (once they fit Noah) but for poopy diapers I had to rinse out and then wash the liner anyways so why not just go full cloth and keep everything out of the landfill (plus I finally got over poop..)!

Off again I went to research what type of cloth I wanted.  I wanted something easy like a disposable so that hubs would buy in and that we could get our daycare to use.  Lucky for me cloth diapering has come a long way from the days of my parents!  There are a plethora of choices ranging from All-in-ones (AIOs) that have an outer shell and absorbent center all sewn together to traditional cloth diapers with covers, wool soakers, and the like.  Since I was looking for something simple the AIO’s appealed to me a lot.  However, I read that they don’t withstand the test of time because the waterproof outer cover wears out over time and you can’t replace it.  Enter another hybrid called a pocket diaper!  It consists of a waterproof outer cover that has a pocket in it where a super absorbent soaker is inserted to catch the liquids and what not. 

Most cloth diapering mammas recommend a combination of systems depending on the situation (night time vs. day time, day care vs. home care etc…). However, since I’m just trying this out and haven’t yet committed to all cloth diapering I settled on the bumgenius one size option for now.  It’s a pocket diaper that has adjustable snaps that “grow” with the baby so you only have to buy one set of diapers (unlike other cloth options where the covers are sized). You do have to “stuff” them but you can adjust the absorbency by adding more soakers.

Today was our first day using them and everything went well – although I discovered that it’s really nice to have a wet bag instead of using the sink to store the rinsed out but still not clean diapers – off to I go!  They are a bit bulkier than the gDiaper and certainly more bulky than a disposable but nothing to the point where I’m putting him in a size up clothes to accommodate.

They absorb just as well as our disposables and don’t leak either (and Noah’s a heavy wetter!)  I was a little concerned that it kept his skin damp but I supposed that the lack of chemicals that you find in disposables out weigh that point.

I know I have a few followers that are debating right now so I wanted to put this out there.  The upfront cost of cloth seems huge but if you consider the number of disposables you go thru in a lifetime you’ll save yourself a ton of cash in the long run!  You can also build your stash slowly…like I bought 3 to start with and just ordered 5 more to add to the stash. I’ll mix g’s, cloths, and disposables as necessary.  Ideally I’d be using cloth only but there are situations that disposables are just plain easier.  I want to get to the point where we’re primarily cloth and only using a disposable in an emergency (or a very long car ride:) ). 

Anyways, I’ve gone on long enough. You can be sure I’ll continue to talk about this as we get deeper into it.  As for the resources I found when looking I found some great info  here , here, and here during my search.

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  1. The world of blogging has made me so intrigued by cloth diapering, I've only ever known one woman who did it. Thank you for sharing, the info will come in handy when hubs and I start talking babies :)

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