May 092010

This weekend was quite a weekend in our house hold!  Not only did I get to celebrate my very first mothers day and turn 30, we also celebrated Noah’s baptism!

Yes, we’re a little nutz for trying to fit it all in but it was the perfect opportunity to have all the moms in one place for mothers day.  Our birthday was just a bonus (or rather curse I’d rather forget – the bug 3 OH!) Anywho…since there’s no flash during the church service our brother in law had his work cut out for him with the pics.

Noah did okay during the baptism.  He was hungry and proceeded to snack on my shoulder the entire time we were up there (much to the amusement of the congregation).  He started to squawk until Pastor Paul held him up in the air – my son the attention seeker.  He immediatley stopped crying and started looking around (and then started crying again when he was handed back to me).

All in all it was a great weekend.  We spent lots of time with our families and enjoyed celebrating Noah.

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