May 142010

I’m double posting this one to my baby blog and my photography blog because they’re actually related this time!  So, my mom has been talking about this one particular picture of Noah – one of my favorites too (so much so it’s part of my header up there on Little Kloep) that I wanted to do something special for mom’s day for her (because you can only buy your mom so much jewelry and mine’s allergic to flowers).  So, I went out to BayPhoto and looked for a the best way to represent that photo for her (because printing and framing is so yesterday..:) ).

I ended up ordering one of their ThinWrap products with a metallic finish and I’m in LOVE!  So in love that I was anxious to give it to mom and totally forgot to take pictures of it…haha…they’re now hanging over the mantel at her house in Pittsburgh – 4 hours away from where I am.

I ordered an 8×12 print that came wrapped and mounted on masonite board which made it super sturdy. Then they took a block of dense foam and attached it to the back so that when you hung it on the wall it stood off the wall by about .5 inches giving an even more awesome effect!  The print itself was metallic which is something new for me.  It’s a very subtle sheen that when viewed at the right angle makes the image pop off the page.  It adds that extra dimension that makes the picture stunning (not that a photo of Noah wouldn’t be stunning any way you presented it -this was just xtra stunning…haha).

I don’t have pics of what I gave my mom (I’ll have to take a few when we go home next) but I did pull a few from BayPhoto’s site…

The top image is of the finishes.  We have the very bottom on there – metallic with a satin finish.  You can see the canvas and the satin finishes as well.  The bottom image is a view of the back – very well put together.

Anywho – I’ve not been asked by BayPhoto to review these, I just did it because I loved how everything turned out and thought others might find this useful!  I know we’ll be trying other products from BayPhoto in the future and I’ll feedback on those just as I did this one (but hopefully with some pics of the actual product!:) ).

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