May 042010

I’ve mentioned her before plenty – Macie, our 2 year old Vizsla.  In fact, she’s all I blogged about before Noah (on our Photography Blog). Seems silly to spend so much time documenting an animal but I’ll contest that Macie is not just any animal.  She’s one of the best dogs I’ve ever known (and I’ve known alot of dogs!).

Vizslas are known for their gentle nature, need-to-be-an-equal-member-of-the-family mentality, full-of-energy-please-exercise-me look, and this-is-my-baby-now protectiveness.  They’re affectionately referred to as Velcro Vizslas because they must be with you at all times (if you don’t want help going to the bathroom or showering ever again – don’t get a V) and they forget that they’re 40+lbs when they climb into your lap.  Macie’s no exception!  She exhibits all the best qualities of  V and more:)

She follows you from room to room and then finds the softest comfiest spot to plop down and relax.  Often times that’s an 8″x8″ square pillow on our couch that she turns and turns until she finds a comfortable way to drop down.  If there is a pillow handy she’s using it. If there’s a blanket in the vicinity she’s under it.  This dog is all about comfort.

More than that she’s so laid back and what we all “pliable.”  She will let you pick her up, man handle her, rearrange her, pull on her tail, pull on her ears, sit on her back whatever…she just takes it.  Sometimes you get the look like “are you done yet?” but most times she just lays there and waits for you to finish so she can snuggle in again and get comfy.

She has a borderline unhealthy obsession with tennis balls and will do anything for those mini carrots or a cheese cube.  She only eats when she’s told, loves to cuddle in bed but only when you say it’s okay, loves dogs more than she loves people and would be happy as a clam to spend her day chasing balls down at the field.  Her recall is not so great but add a tennis ball or the possibility at cheese and your odds at getting her to come to you increase dramatically!

At the end of a long day of playing all she wants to do is cuddle up next to her people and snooze.  If she can rest her head on your lap (or put herself fully in your lap) she’s happiest. She appears to love Noah and plants the occasional kiss on him (although it’s a mini kiss with just the tip of her tongue rather than a full out slurp) when we’re not looking.  She’s become fiercely protective and will bark at anyone that comes to the door  but she’s more likely to cover you in kisses than bite you once you come in – don’t tell the door to door solicitors that!

I gush about her and could probably go on for days but it’s all because I realize how lucky we are to have a pup that loves everyone in our family and has taken to the new baby with grace and ease. 

Okay…I’m done being sappy about my dog now:)

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  1. You're not silly, you're a dog lover! Non dog people have a hard time getting it; why we tolerate needing a lint brush, the idea that something else would want some of the bed, giving hard earned money to toys that will eventually be a pile of fuzz, etc. I'm glad you guys have had a great transition, rather than being one of those families that ditch a sweet dog when the baby comes along because it's 'too hard'. Everybody looks happy!

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