May 272010

During my elementary school days I was the queen of BOOK IT!.  Each month you’d have a goal to reach – be it number of books, number of pages, time spent reading etc…and when you reached it  (as verified by your parents of course) your teacher would give you a reading certificate that you could exchange for a personal pan pizza at PizzaHut!  It never hurts that pizza was involved but for me, while pizza was nice, I was jones’n for those stars for on my cool arse hologram pin! I think I filled four or five pins during my elementary school days. And I ALWAY wore it proudly on my jean jacket (along side my dinner plate sized Donnie Wahlberg pin).   I’m actually glad to see that the program still exists and I hope that it continues to exist when Noah is old enough to read.

For now, I want to instill in him the same love for reading that I had.  A generous gift from my co-workers enabled me to just about buy out Amazon and their book section! I grabbed a few of my all time favorites (Where the Wild things Are, Tiki Tiki Tembo, Ferdinand the bull) along with a few of the newer published books (Cloudy with a chance of meatballs, Pickles to Pittsburgh)

Photo Credit Amazon

What were some of your favorites growing up??

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  2 Responses to “Books…books…books…”

  1. Lindsay I was too a Book It Geek and I loved it!!! I also rocked the button on my jean jacket but I had the Jordan button. It was enormous! Oh the memories you just reminded me of! :)

  2. Karen Kay's Kittens was an obvious favorite as was the dictionary I got when I was 6 or 7… still have it…

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