May 232010

So here we are – 3 months old!  My little Noey is growing up soo fast!  We did our monthly photo shoot this AM and I love love love that he’s starting to be more responsive and actually smile when I ask him to (or rather coo and make funny high pitched noises until he smiles).

So, here’s the recap:

– We’re all getting more sleep!  He goes down around 7 or 8 and is up around 4am to eat then down again until 7 or 8 on most days (this is a relatively new development – normally he’s up at 1am, 5am, 8am
– during the day he’s eating 4 – 5 oz every 3-4 hours (we’re up to 30-32oz a day!)
– he started daycare a few weeks ago and so far so good.  He seems to be thriving.
– he’s figured out a few of his toys – if he bats long enough he gets them to flop and make noise.  It’s pretty consistent now
– he smiles at everything – the walls, the drapes, other people (women especially – he has every woman in a 10 yard radius of him wrapped around his chubby little fingers almost instantly)
– he holds weight on his legs pretty well.  He’d rather be standing than anything these days. When he’s on his back he’s just kick kick kicking those little legs.
– still very much loves his baths and actually tolerates diaper changes pretty well.
– he’s obsessed with his hands.  He plays with them, clasps them, stares at them and tries to fit both of them in his mouth at the same time.  Now and again he’ll manage to get his thumb in but he’d rather just his fist.
– is in size 1 disposables although we’re not using a ton as we’ve switched to cloth!
– he’s on the tail end of his 0-3 month clothes and fits most of his 3 and 3-6 stuff.  I tend to size up on the pants due to the bulk of the cloth.

We didn’t have a dr’s appt for a well check up but did end up there for a sick visit (clogged tear duct) and found out that he’s 13.5 lbs.  He soooo doesn’t look like he weighs 13.5 lbs…

I calibrated my monitor and I’m not sure I like it…he looks green in all my pictures….I’m hoping he looks normal to everyone else.

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