Apr 162010

Okay….so we’re on Day 8 of the summer shape up.  I’ll admit I’ve not been very good at keeping up with the 30 day shred. I have however spent at least 30 min each day getting my pulse pumping. I invested in 3lb weights to use (instead of the 5lb weights) in hopes that I wont cheat as much during the workout (5lbs is just too heavy to start out with).  I also invested in a few new workout clothes that fit better than my old ones (and ones that I hope i get to say are too big some time soon!).  And for all that work…I’ve lost a few lbs:)

Day 1 – 142lbs
Day 8 – 138lbs – woohoo!

It may have been a fluke – we’ll see if I can keep this up.  I was very good about watching what I eat but have fallen a bit of the wagon the last few days – sweets are just too tempting.  I need to just throw out what we have here so I’m not tempted to eat it.  I’ve tried it in moderation but I have little self control when it comes to chocolate so I need to find lower fat/calorie ways to imbibe.  Thoughts? Any treats that you’ve found satisfy your sweet tooth but are not super high in calories and/or fat.

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