Apr 222010

What is it about being a new parent that renders you completely unable to hold a conversation where no less than 80% of it revolves around your child?  It’s like someone flipped a switch the day he was born and you lost all ability to hold a adult conversation with nary the mention of  pee, poop, and how darn cute he is when he grunts.  You can’t help it.  You try for an adult convo without the mention of the little one but somehow, somewhere he slips in. And like a crack in a dam, all it takes is one little mention to open the flood gates and take over the conversation.

Your poor non-child-rearing friends totally think you’ve lost your marbles (which you very well may have).  You watch as they slowly back out of the room at the first mention of grunting and as they run for the hills at the mention of poop.

Same goes for pregnancy – I think we all realize that non pregnant folks (aside from those that are looking to be pregnant soon) really don’t care about your aches, pains, odd bodily functions, and what not.  However, that doesn’t stop us from being unable to get thru one conversation without one mention of  the pregnancy.

So, non affected folks – cut us a break. There’s something biological that forces us to say these things.  Haha

Disclaimer:  This blog is brought to you by 5AM insomnia when Noah is sleeping by I’m not (written out on a sheet of paper in the dark because I kept thinking I could fool my brain into going back to sleep if I kept the lights off…it worked – right about the time the sun was coming up).  It’s not coming from any specific experience or situation but rather a realization I’ve come to over the last few weeks and is a recognition of my insanity:)

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