Mar 042010

So, I’m just a few day into my postpartum recovery and pride myself in all the research i did in preparation for this period (it’s rough, I can’t lie) but none one can prepare you for everything….here are a few of the things I didn’t know

1.  The swelling doesn’t go away after the birth.  In fact, it gets worse!  My feet are more swollen now than they were prior to delivery.  They told me it was due to the extra fluids they gave me during labor.  It’s all settled into my feet.  (okay, 10 days later they’re finally back to normal!)

2. The random, non provoked, absolutely no reason crying fit.  I’m not normally a weepy person but this pregnancy has done me in!  More than one time in the past week the tears just started flowing for no reason  Thankfully hubby has been more than understanding and doesn’t hold them against me:)

3. The intensity of the emotions you feel.  I never fathomed that I love my husband any more than I already did nor did I know I could love something so much that I barely knew – Noah.

4. How little sleep a person can function on (or how an hour or two nap can rejuvenate you)

5. The need to have the baby with me at all times or else I feel lost – forget sleeping when he’s not right there next to the bed

6.  That I can spend hours just staring at him – sleeping, awake, even when he’s crying.   It’s really counter productive most days:)

7.  That I can learn something new about myself, my husband, my marriage, and my child every day.

I’m sure this list will grow with time as I’m only 10 days postpartum. 

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