Mar 282010

So, someone on the posted a link to an online tool to track sleep, feeding, and other baby related things.  When I first looked at it I said, “No – I’m not that obsessed”.  Sure, I keep track of feeding times and diaper changes but it’s all very low tech on a pad of paper (which means I’m not obsessed, just merely need reminding when I last fed my child or how many poopy diapers he’s had today – you know, for informational purposes.  Sleep deprivation does funny things to your brain). 

Well, the product manager in me decided that a quick look at the app would be beneficial for educational purposes (work related) – it is considered software as a service after all and that’s the area I work in so I’m furthering my career by checking it out.  Ummm..yea, that’s it!  Anywho, out to I went.

What a cool app!  I created an account and started to document little mans comings and goings (again, researching for work remember…I’m looking at ease of use, feature functions etc..).  It’s super easy to use, cool enough to make you want to keep playing with it and just feature rich enough to be useful to those that want to know everything about their childs patterns (or in Noah’s case – the lack there of!).  The best feature is the sleep trends graph.  It helps see, graphically, if/when there’s a pattern to your childs sleep.  Again, with Noah the pattern is one of chaos:)  The only thing relatively consistent it his wakings overnight. His daytime schedule is way wacked out.  Check it out – 6.5 days of sleep tracking for Noah:

So, of course after my research was completed (yes, I’m delusional now – I just needed an excuse to try it out because i couldn’t possibly be that controlling and work is the perfect cover) I decided to keep my account and continue to track his info.  I just take the laptop to the nursery in the evenings and back downstairs in the AM when we wake (if I had the iPhone I could use their app instead of lugging the pc around with me – hint to hubbsy hehe).  I’m actually finding it quite useful and it feeds my neurotic need to document everything.  It is habit forming thought….just what I need!

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