Mar 112010

Okay, a day or so late but I can’t believe he’s 2 weeks old already! He’s growing quite a bit and is eating like a champ. I’m resorted to pumping most of his meals mostly for my sanity but also to allow DH to participate in feeding activities. That’s going well although I think I need to pump more frequently to beef up my supply because little man is starting to eat more and more (he’s up to 2.5 – 3oz every 2-4 hours) and I’m only able to pump a days worth of milk ahead of time.

We’re still working on the sleeping pattern but you can almost guarantee to be wake by 3am and up till 5am or so. Also, he much prefers to sleep on someone rather than by himself however he will sleep in his crib if I put him down once he’s asleep.

He’s still a very pleasant baby (when he’s not hungry) and spends quite a bit of time awake and just looking around.  I can’t imagine what he’s thinking since he can’t really see much outside of 8inches or so from his face.  While he’s awake we spend countless hours singing songs and dancing around the house.  I’ve tried the activity mats and the bouncer but he’s not all that interested yet.

The pic here is with the owl that my mom bought the day he was born (or maybe the next day…it’s all a little hazy).   Right now the owlie is the same size as him….we’ll see that change as he grows:)

Anyways, he’s awake again and wanting fed….tata for now:)

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