Mar 232010

OMG…I have a one month old.  I can’t believe it!  It was one month ago at this time that I was laying in a hospital bed snoozing thru my contractions and waiting to be checked by the doctor again!

Few things we’ve learned about our 1 month old:

– he’s a grunter!  Randomly, while he’s sleeping, he starts grunting and groaning.  Generally it’s because he’s trying to pass gas or poop but sometimes I think it’s because he has a bad dream or something.

– he’s a noisy sleeper!  We need to keep him in his own room if either of us are going to sleep.  Random grunts, groan, and screams are not uncommon from him (even from a dead sleep).  Generally he calms down on his own, occasionally I have to go in and soothe him.

– he loves loves loves (did I say loves?) being on his belly.  Make that belly to chest contact and he’s in heaven.  It’s an almost sure fire way to calm him or ensure a nice long nap.  The Moby wrap has been very helpful in letting me get things done when he’s in a clingy mood.  The nurses noticed this as well while he was still in the hospital.  He spent most of his time on the billi bed on his belly.

– he has no preference between bottle or breast.  As long as he’s getting fed and getting fed quickly he’s a happy camper.  No nipple confusion here…

– he gets the hiccups a lot!  I felt them when he was in my belly and now that he’s out he gets them at least once a day if not twice or three times.  Sometimes it’s right after eating, other times it’s just random.  The books say it doesn’t hurt him but you can tell, as they go along, that he gets frustrated.

– overall he’s a very pleasant baby.  He has his crying fits but can generally be consoled quickly (watch, now that I say that colic will set in and I won’t be able to console him!)

And here’s his 1 month picture:)  We needed the binky this morning when I took the pic because he was cranky for some reason.

 I still can’t believe he’s mine (err…ours..:) )

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