Feb 072010

Nothing like a snow day (or rather snow weekend) to get things done….

This weekend mother nature decided to dump over 30″ of snow on us (up to 40″ in some drift spots!).  Being in Northern Va (where this much snow is a 100 year event) that meant that we were pretty much stuck in the house for the duration of the storm (plus 48 hours or so because the roads are still covered).  Fortunately, that forced us to find some long overdue work to do inside the house. Things that we’d been putting off – like the trim tile and the grout in the kitchen!  (I can’t wait to take pictures!)

That also left me time to finish the owlies, a few trees, and the mobile for little man and on my list of things to do today are shelves, tiebacks, and hanging the pictures in his nursery.  Plus, I’m going to get working on those Thank Yous from my Pittsburgh shower – albeit typed because I can’t hold a pen for more than 5 min before things go numb – but they’ll be done by the end of today!

Ah….I feel so accomplished and actually quite relaxed since I’ve also spent a good percentage of this snow storm sleeping or lounging on the couch thanks to a nice head cold that decided to appear on Thursday.

And never one to be left out, little man create some excitement of his own yesterday.  He decided that it was a fine day to be quiet as a mouse regardless of what momma did to wake him up and forced me into drinking a large glass of OJ followed by a large glass of h20 and a 1 hour kick count session.   It took him the entire hour to give me 10 kicks/movements which is not his norm.  Then, right about the time the plow truck came thru, he woke up and started back into his normal rhythm.  Little monkey had me scared half to death that we’d have to go to Labor and Delivery to be monitored with no freakin way to get out! Ah..he’s not even here yet and he’s stressing me out..haha:)

Once I get the camera back from DH (who’s outside taking lots of pics of our beautifully blanketed neighborhood) I’ll snap a few of our accomplishments from this weekend!  The kitchen is looking awesome and so is his nursery!

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