Feb 092010

So I’ve been talking about progress so I thought I’d play show and tell to keep you guys updated!

First pic is of the kitchen as it stands today…sans outlet covers and paint but with pretty much everything else.  I can even claim to have helped with the grouting!!!  Wooohoo…

The some nursery pics…still not done but my bro will be out in the next few weeks to finish the mural – I can’t wait!! He’s so talented and little man is going to be a lucky boy to have that on his walls!

Notice the awesome glider in the right corner – scored that at BRU today, brought it home and assembled it myself!  Soo proud!  I also started washing little mans clothes in preparation for this arrival!  I can’t believe it’s getting close.
The last set of pics are of the mobile I made for little man.  Now keep in mind, this is for the corner of his room – not over his crib!  I realize that many of the parts are not child friendly!  As he gets older and grabby we can alter the mobile and leave just the plush owls!!  Anywho, this was a ton of fun to put togeher and I have to get a better pic once the sun comes up!

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