Feb 152010

So this past weekend was so much fun!  My inlaws and my parents both converged on our little abode and spent the afternoon cooking, opening gifts, and just having a good time!

My parents have been itching to come down for while now and mom needed a baby bump fix so they made the drive from Pgh.  My in-laws on the other hand wanted to drop off the gifts from our missed shower due to the snowpocalypse last weekend and live much closer.  They’ve not actually seen each other (my parents and DH’s parents) in a really long time so having everyone over was an opportunity to have a make up shower!

Since we didn’t have time to invite everyone down, we took lots of pics and I’ll post them on Picasa for everyone to enjoy:)  We’re incredibly lucky to have a great group of family and friends and this little man is going to be so spoiled!

Here are some pics to hold you over until I get the rest up on the web.

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