Feb 012010

So, I’m a frequenter of mommy blogs:)  Even though I’m not a mommy to an outside baby yet, I love to read the tips and tricks that they have to offer from having paved the road before me.  Nothing like a little humor and experience to make something like parenthood a little less frightening:)

A lot of these blogs host give aways as part of their posting and today I came across a mommy blog that is giving away this great toy!  I’ve heard of Sophie before (it’s even on my Amazon wishlist)  but it’s not until now that I truely understand how precious this toy is – not only for mommy’s sanity during a baby’s teething period but just how darn cute it is!

Check out more about Sophie and the give away on this mommy blog:  http://youngmamablog.blogspot.com

How cute is that thing?!

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