Feb 172010

How far along are you? 38 weeks

Total Weight gain/loss? Welp…the water retention is setting in….I’m well over 35lbs total now…but a vast majority is water at least lately.  My hands and feet are almost always swollen:(

Stretch marks? Nopers

Baby Movement? Yes, he never seems to stop moving these days.

Best moment this week? Spending the weekend with our families all down here at our house just hanging out.  We got to have the shower that I missed due to the snow and just all in all had a nice time catching up with everyone.

Labor Progress?  Still 70% effaced but no dilation.  The doc said he’d wish my cervix would cooperate – so do I …I’m not looking forward to what they have to do to make it cooperate!

Food Cravings? None really….not all the hungry these days..

Belly button in or out? Still in….think it may stay that way…should have known, it was a cavern

Milestones?  Induction is scheduled…March 2 and we’re now supposed to be on bedrest to keep my rising BP at bay (means I’ll likely need to avoid conversations with specific co-workers too)
Weekly Wisdom?  Nothing this week really….everyone has a different reaction to how big you are:) I think it’s hilarious!

Dropped yet? I don’t think so…

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