Feb 092010

So, lots of excitement around here!  Lots of preparation and progress and SNOW!   First the excitement – I don’t know if it’s the snow or what but my BP was high at my last dr’s appt.  Combined with the swelling in my feet the doc wanted to see me again on Thursday for another BP check.  There’s not protein yet but because of the other two factors they want to keep an eye on it.  Of course we’re expecting another 14 inches of snow thru wed so who knows if I’ll be able to get out to the docs.

Preparation related, we made great progress in the kitchen – tile is in and grouted!  Need to switch the outlets, cover them and then paint.  All great progress.

We also had nursery progress – i finished little mans mobile.  I have to find a way to take a pic of it and share…it’s too cute!  I also scored a glider today at BRU (details below – great deal!) and bought his mattress, second car seat base, changing pad for the changing table, some covers, more sheets and other various nursery accessories.  Wow – it’s getting close:)

And 90% of this progress was thanks to the SNOW!  All 34 freakin inches of it!

How far along are you? 37 weeks….Full term!

Total Weight gain/loss? I actually looked at my chart at the docs yesterday and if I take what they have I’m still under 35 lbs!! 

Stretch marks? Nopers

Baby Movement? Well little man gave us a bit of a scare with a quite day at the height of the snow storm – little monkey!  No movement all day even with poking and prodding…then the snow plows came thru and that’s when he decides to start his gymnastics!  He’s back in business these days though and literally trying to stretch and kick his way out of the belly!

Best moment this week? Well, lots going on both baby and non baby related!  We managed to get the kitchen “finished” by installing and grouting the backsplash.  Then baby related just getting him to wake up and start kicking me was easily the worst and best moments of the week.  I also scored a glider today at a super discount (was $360 and got it for $236 before my 20% off coupon and $100 worth of gift cards!) plus, Uncle Jordan has a car now and can come do his nursery mural!  Yay!

Labor Progress?  70% effaced but no dilation.  The doc said there’s little chance I’ll dilate on my own since there’s some scar tissue from a previous procedure.  I guess it can happen any day now:)

Food Cravings? Broccoli and Cheese soup – finally made some last night!

Belly button in or out? Still in….think it may stay that way…should have known, it was a cavern

Milestones?  Full Terms!
Weekly Wisdom?  Dont leave things to the last min!  This last dr’s appt kicked my butt in to gear and made me realize that if they decided to hospitalize me or send me to L&D, I’d be in trouble!

I really need a bag over my head in this one….the head cold I managed to catch somewhere has turned my nose and lip area beet red (and sore to boot!)

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