Feb 022010

So my appt yesterday was a wee bit eventful for two reasons but not really:)  First, the last few days I’d been leaking a bit and couldn’t decide if it was little mans strategic spot right on top of my bladder of if it was amniotic fluid. Thankfully I’m just peeing myself (hehe…sorry, TMI) and not actually going into labor (he still has a week before he’s full term!)

Second, when I see them I normally have a few min in the waiting room to relax before they take me back for my BP and weight check. This time round I walked in, used the restroom and walked back for my BP.  No real rest after I climbed the 2 flights of stairs it was to their office.  This caused my BP to be much higher than it normally is and of course set off all kinds of alarms.  When i told the nurse that I just climbed the stairs she calmed down and said that we’d try again after my exam.  Thankfully everything went back to normal (120/80 which is well in range for me) and they let me go home:)

How far along are you? 36 weeks…just a month or so to go.  Doc said that if he’s not here by 41 weeks (March 9) they’ll talk induction.

Total Weight gain/loss? By the docs scale I’m up 35 lbs – eeek!  Although, no one at the office seems concerned anymore.

Stretch marks? Nopers

Baby Movement? Party time goes in spurts now.  He’s rocking around 8am for 30 min and then takes an hour break and then starts rocking again.  This happens pretty frequently and he definitely has a pattern now.  I can almost guarantee that I’ll have a party in my belly at 10, 1, 3, 5, 8, and 10 generally (then i go to sleep so I don’t feel him much).

Best moment this week?  Okay, not best moment but moment none the less – getting my tooth pulled! Ack!

Labor Progress?  None – locked up like Fort Knox!  Doc said I’m softening a bit but no real progress yet.  Which is okay according to her since I’m not even term yet.

Food Cravings? Strawberries!

Belly button in or out? Still in….think it may stay that way…should have known, it was a cavern

Milestones?  1 week to full term! We had our birthing class and DH actually watched a birth video without vomiting or passing out.  I’m sooo proud of him (we did have one gal rush out of the room looking a little green..)
Weekly Wisdom?  A watched pot never boils…right?  Now the countdown begins and of course these will be the longest few weeks of my life I’m sure (aside from the many many 2ww’s while we were TTC).  I’m trying to not think too much about it and focus on 1. getting the rest of the baby’s stuff together  2. Getting things rounded out at work so I can leave without worry  3.  Enjoying the last few weeks with him in my belly  4.  Enjoying the last few weeks as a couple and preparing to be a family.

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