Jan 052010

So we’ve made more progress and DH keeps calling me a slave driver:)  I may be a schedule hound but if I wasn’t we wouldn’t be making the progress we are.  Okay, “we” is a bit of a lie – it’s more like DH all by himself.  The pregnant me is hesitant to work with the electrical and forget crawling around on the floor to help with anything else!  I’m just good at directing and keeping him on schedule:)  He works really hard and spends just about every evening after work doing something or another.  What a dedicated DH!

I’ve decided not to take any more pics until we get the backsplash in and get things painted.  That means that it may be a few more months before anyone sees the final product but safe to say, we’re still working on it!  We do have the bottom trim and the under cabinet lights in on the large bank of cabinets.  Tonight DH is working on getting the electrical around the window to the one lonely bank of cabinets on the other side.  From there we have to put the window casing and sill up, backsplash, paint, etc…and then we should be done.  It’s all detail work now so it will likely progress much much slower than before.

Stay tuned…

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