Jan 112010

So I was going back and forth with a fellow blogger over at Baby Booties  about nursery deco and she’s looking for a good mobile that’s not too girlie or cheap looking.  Knowing that I’ve seen a number of them in my travels on the internet I set out looking again for answers for her and just happened to find something I think I might do for little man’s room (since the mobile that goes with his bedding is like $60!).

There are tons of cute ones out there for sure but finding one that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg but that doesn’t look cheap is harder so…I think I might DIY one!  Here’s some inspiration:

The Butterfly Mobile at Indie Fixx:

But I’d do woodland creatures rather than butterflies….
The Bird Mobile over at Spool Sewing:
This one I love love love but I’m so not a sewer that’s for sure and I dont know how I’d do woodland creatures on this (or maybe I’d just leave it as birds but again, so not a sewer!)
The Pinwheel Mobile over at Chickpea Sewing Studio
This is actually a pretty neat idea! It’s kinda theme neutral and you can use scraps of fabric (or even heavy paper is you’re really crafty).  You can make it to match any color scheme!
Anyways…now I’m inspired and am heading out to find good patterns for woodland creatures to go with my idea….i’ll post progress/results as I make them!
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