Jan 182010

I’ve been looking in Target and other stores for binky leashes (you know, the ribbons that at one end attach to the binky and the other side attaches to your child’s clothing so you don’t lose the binky when they decide to spit it out?) and haven’t found one I like:(  Anyways, I ran across a tutorial online at The Mama Dramalogues on how to make one of your very own – without sewing!

I thought I’d give it a shot.  I ordered copious amts of ribbon from theribbonspot.com, plastic clips and mam rubber binky holders from a seller on ebay, and snaps from JoAnn.  Everything finally arrived yesterday so I spent most of my day today putting them together (during conference calls of course!).

Lessons Learned:
1. hammer + fingernail = pain (see my other blog post)
2. snaps aren’t all the hard to attach if you follow the directions – which I didn’t so I wasted lots!
3.  it’s infinitely more expensive to do this if you don’t already have the parts on hand from other crafts ($40 in ribbon, $20 in ebay items, $10 in snaps etc..).  I managed to get 5 leashes out of it so far (but I have plenty more I can make but really – how many leashes does a child need?)

However, I have lots of ribbon for other projects and really like the ones I put together.  Maybe other mammas will see them and want one and I can open my own etsy store…ha ha..ya, right – wishful thinking:) I’m really not all that crafty!

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