Jan 192010

How far along are you? 34 Weeks! (~6 weeks to go!)

Total Weight gain/loss? Holding steady so far….under 30lbs I think….water retention is starting so I’m trying to weigh myself first thing in the AM:)

Stretch marks? Nope:) Although I have this dark line jutting out from the side of my belly button, trying to figure out if it’s just part of the Linea Negra or a stretchie starting…regardless I’ve been coco buttering the heck out of it!

Baby Movement? you can tell it’s getting tight in there because when he moves i feel it everywhere – not just at the top of my belly like normal.  He’s stretching and what not and for the most part feels like he’s trying to bust out

Best moment this week? The most fabu baby shower ever to be had! 50+ friends and family gathered to shower little man with love and gifts.  I couldn’t have asked for anything better – we’re soooo fortunate.  Momma did a fantastic job planning and had a lot of help from Caty, my aunts and grandmas!

Food Cravings? Hard to say since I’m hungry all the time:)  So I guess the answer is…anything and everything?

Belly button in or out? It’s hanging in there.  There’s still some innie to it but I can’t imagine that will last a whole lot longer.

Milestones?   We have more for the nursery due to the shower – now to organize it and get it into his closets!
Weekly Wisdom?  Wow…so many this week….1. hammer + fingernail = pain (see other blog posts)  2.  Baby wipes baby wipes baby wipes (and maybe some witch hazel)  3.  Yes, having to pee every 10 min is a PIA but so is having sausage fingers, toes, and ankles – drink up!  4.  Get maternity pics done – I know some folks say that they never want to see themselves that fat again but I dont know, maybe it’s the photo junkie in me but I want to remember this time and having a maternity photo session is the perfect way to do it!

Still feels like I haven’t really grown that much, he’s sitting high under my ribs and generally off to one side or the other

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