Jan 052010

So it’s been smooth sailing this month! So much so that the doc said that I dont have to come back for 3 weeks (instead of the normal 2).  However, from that point out we’ll be down to weekly’s with internals – woohoo! Little man is really grooving in there but still likes to sit up high under my ribs which is not always the most comfy spot but he seems to like it.

We have a full month on tap for Jan – Mommy group lunches, Baby Shower, In-Laws visit, birthing class, CPR class you name it!  At some point my bro should be down too to do the baby’s mural (and I’ll finally get the closet system installed).  Things are starting to come together! I can’t believe this little one will be here in approximately 8 weeks!

How far along are you? 32 Weeks!

Total Weight gain/loss? According to the scale at the doc I’m up .5 lbs to something like 28lbs total.  The doc i saw yesterday was happy with that.  He’s more concerned with the overall weight gain that month to month.  So far I’m doing just fine he says – I like this doc!

Stretch marks? Nope:)

Baby Movement? He’s head down according to the doc which explains the odd mass under my ribs – his bum! He’s taken to jumping jacks the past few days where he’ll punch my hip and then kick opposite rib at the same time

Best moment this week? Knowing for sure that I slowed the tide that was my weight and that the doc is actually okay with where I am!

Food Cravings? Well until today it was thankfully just water….super thirsty but today it was Pez – 7 sleeves of Pez!  Now that it’s gone from my house I hope to not go thru that again – but it tasted sooo good!!

Belly button in or out? Yea, just needs to give it up already..it’s half in and half out

Milestones? Odd one but progress/milestone just the same – got the closet cleaned out and painted, just need to get the shelves up.  As for big foot in there he’s starting to put on white fat (?) and is working on developing his senses more fully. 
Weekly Wisdom?  The tingling in your hands is likely carpel tunnel induced by pregnancy…get used to it but don’t spaz too much as it is supposed to go away after the baby is born.  I feel like my hands are always asleep now!

Looking a little rough:)

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