Dec 112009

So I’ve read in all my books that it would happen at some point and up till now I’ve been pretty lucky with my symptoms but as of a few days ago it feels like someone has turned my internal thermometer all the way up to boil!  Hooowee! What a feeling!

It’s hovering just around freezing outside and I walked around outside with just a long sleeved shirt and a heavy sweater.  Normally  I’d be in a parka, heavy gloves, a hat and a scarf!  DH even remarked how warm by tootsies were last night (which NEVER happens since I have permanent icebergs attached to the bottoms of my legs – even in summer). 

Heck, you know somethings up when the guy at Starbucks (and most of the people in line) gave me the side eye when I requested an Iced Chai rather than a nice hot steaming chai.  He even repeated my order just to make sure he heard me right – ICED?! 

I’m just glad it’s freezing outside and not 100 degrees because for now I’m quite comfy with the extra heat:)

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