Dec 062009

Lots of progress this weekend but it didn’t start out that way! First of all – we’re back to a functional kitchen!  Whoo… I’m still missing electricity to my stove so I’m still using a lighter to light it and there’s no oven but we do have a brand spankin new dishwasher, double bowl sink, running water, drainage and granite countertops!  It’s amazing how useful countertops are…haha…I can actually prepare a meal without having to balance all the ingredients on the cabinet frame! Ah – luxury!

Any who, I said our weekend out started out progress challenged so I should elaborate.  After the granite was installed on Friday, we were told not to attach the plumbing until Saturday – okay fine, that’s easy.  Well, come Saturday, the plumbing was NOT easy!  The sink we had installed had two new features that our old one didn’t – a double bowl that was xtra deep.  One of those alone would have been easy to handle but both really thru us for a loop.  We spent the day at Home Depot (actually, over the course of the day visited both depots in the area as well as Lowes amid a raging snow storm – fun stuff! I did get a milk shake out of it though) and three trips later were still no closer to having plumbing in that we were in the AM.  It was rounding midnight and though we had three or four near solutions, the final one still eluded us by 1/8th of an inch!

I convinced DH that a nights sleep would be useful and we’ll start fresh in the AM when the stores were open and the weather had cleared some (or at least the ice was gone from the roads).  Well, he’s a miracle worker because during my AM trip to Costco and Kohls he figured the sucker out – without any further trips to the hardware stores!  I came back to a fully working sink and a new dishwasher full of dishes humming along in it’s first ever cycle.  Ah….victory!

The kitchen looks great and we’re so happy with the granite we chose.  Now we just need to decide on a backsplash and get it installed along with the lighting.  Babysteps:)

Here’s one pic – excuse the construction material around and the gaping hole where the micro should be – we still haven’t figured out what to do there.  I want a new one but DH is content to keep the old one.

I can hear him downstairs now trying to get the handles on the cabinets.  With full overlay, there’s no lip to grab to open the drawers so with a countertop it’s rather difficult to get into them.  You can to pull from the bottom or open up the lower drawers to get to the uppers.

Anywho…now that we’re this far, we can start working on the baby’s room!  I finally cleaned out the dresser that we’re going to be using for him.  Now to get it out of the guest room and move mark’s new desk in there so we can start cleaning out the office!  Woohoo…bigfoot might actually have somewhere to sleep by the time he’s born!

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