Dec 102009
Knocked a few more things off the list in the past few days….most notably the underfloor heat is installed and wired and actually working:)  It’s going to take a few hours to prime the slab but once that’s up to temp it should be pretty easy to keep those floors at a nice even temp that will keep our toes toasty.  I just wish we could have done this throughout the downstairs without costing an arm and a leg.  Oh well, at least we are heating the coldest surface in the house:)
I’ve added a few things to the list too…most of it’s finish stuff now (nitty gritty little things) but for the most part, a bulk of the kitchen is DONE! wahooooo….It’s such a pleasure to cook in there now!
The list:

– install plinth and filler wood
– buy the remaining handles and install them (all the uppers are handle-less right now)
– install outlets for microwave
– install microwave
– sand and prime the new wall board where the pantry came out
– install new light switch for under cabinet lighting – run the line too

– install under cabinet lighting

– new backsplash needs installed
– whole kitchen needs painted
– purchase and hang new curtains (color dependent on the walls)
– clean up the mess!
– new cabinets need installed (70%)
– install temp sink and plumbing
– install door fronts, hardware, drawers (50%)
– remove and purchase new dishwasher
– new countertop needs ordered (and then installed)
– permanent plumbing needs installed

– finish the electrical for the heated floors

– scrub every surface in the rest of the house and clear it of dust

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