Dec 282009

Since we managed to get back to a mostly working kitchen, the reno has slowed down (well, that and the fact that the holidays are here and our weekends have been taken up in preparation for all that – oh and I’m in my third trimester and so tired that i’m not pushing DH to do things because it requires me to help:) ).

That said, we have made some progress and learned a few lessons along the way!  We have full electrical, a fully working stove (oven and all), door handles, a microwave, and a new 24×30 in cabinet. For your reading (and learning) pleasure – here’s what we learned:

1. Word to the wise – test one under cabinet light before you install them all.  Thankfully we did this because we found that we hated how it looked. The light is just the wrong color, even with warm florescent bulbs.  We’re going to grab a halogen light this week and try that to see what we like better.

2.  When planning the kitchen, pay close attention to the microwave set up (if you have an over the range micro).  We just went with what the Ikea designer told us and ended up with a cabinet that was 6 inches too short to support our micro.  After weeks of deliberations, frustrations and design ideas (which included bolting it to the side cabinets, using 7in toggle bolts and a jiggy rigged cover panel) I finally figured out that if we just had a 24″ cabinet instead of an 18″ cabinet we’d be home free, so off to Ikea was trekked.  Brought the cabinet home, assembled and within the evening had a working, mounted microwave (and additional cabinet space to boot!).

3.  Drawers are the shiznit!  We decided to replace all of our big open cabinets that were impossible to organize with drawer cabinets!  We have 30″, 24″, and 15″ drawers and they’re awesome!  The one closest to the stove holds all of our pots and pans (that’s the heavy duty 30″ drawer bank).  The one next to it holds snacks, bread, etc… The pantry by the fridge has pull out shelves for can goods and the like and our garbage can is now in a pull out too so Macie can’t get into it!  Lastly we replaced our one blind corner with an awesome shelving system that pulls out and then extends so that you can get to the very very back.  Before I’d have to crawl in on my hands and knees to get that stuff!  Overall we’re very very happy with our design decisions in this kitchen.  Everything is so much more functional that it was before!  The extra cabinet space doesn’t hurt either!

Here’s a pic of the recently hung microwave!

And what’s a reno blog post without “The List”  – now updated and reorganized!

– install under cabinet lighting
– new backsplash needs installed
– whole kitchen needs painted
– purchase and hang new curtains (color dependent on the walls)
– clean up the mess!
– new cabinets need installed (70%)
– install temp sink and plumbing
– install door fronts, hardware, drawers (50%)
– remove and purchase new dishwasher
– new countertop needs ordered (and then installed)
– permanent plumbing needs installed

– finish the electrical for the heated floors

– scrub every surface in the rest of the house and clear it of dust 
– sand and prime the new wall board where the pantry came out
– install new light switch for under cabinet lighting run the line too
– buy the remaining handles and install them (all the uppers are handle-less right now)

– install outlets for microwave
– install plinth and filler wood

– install microwave
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