Dec 272009

For the shutterbugs we are I’m super surprised we don’t have more pictures from this past weekend than we do…I guess everyone was so preoccupied with having fun and just being with one another that no one bothered to pick up the camera.  I believe we had every intention of taking some pics but just never got around to it.

I did get two that I’d like to share – one of my brother and I. I post this because it’s rare to get both of us in a picture together.  It has to be some sort of national holiday (or a wedding) for that to happen.  You must excuse my rough look!  He was getting ready to leave and I was just hopping out of the shower so I threw on clothes and ran down to say good bye.  No make up, no chance to do my hair – just a fresh and clean rugged me!

And this one of my mom needs explained I think:)  She was trying to talk to Bigfoot to get him to kick her and it just made me laugh.  No, I’m not holding her head to my belly – she put it there voluntarily.  She really wanted him to wake up and give her a good boot!  Alas, her plans were spoiled, he was fast asleep in my belly and not reacting to anything from the outside world (although she has felt him a number of times so all’s not lost – heck, he kicked on command for most of the weekend for anyone that wanted to feel it so I guess he just needed a break).

Overall it was a fantastic holiday with the families.  Even the hairy drive from one side of PA to the other was okay because it meant that we got to spend time with both sides of the family.  It’s strange to think that this is our last Christmas as just us.  Next year we’ll have an almost 9 month old little man joining us!

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