Dec 032009

Here’s the loose schedule I threw out there when we started this reno:

This week – grout, build and hang cabinets around fridge, move fridge back into place
Next weekend – wedding – no work
Oct 24th – finish removing pantry (the demo has started!), remove two stand alone cabinets there so we can move the stove outta the way. Empty the rest of the cabinets
Oct 31 – Cabinet building party! Mom and Dad Kloep will be in town to help build cabinets. Im hoping we can remove the base cabinets and tile where we need to under the cabinets. We will be sinkless from here on out…this will be interesting – that may be the first base the goes back in – at least temporarily
Week of Nov 2 – grout remaining tiles and seal everything
Nov 7 – Mom and Dad King are in town to help hang cabinets – our goal is to get the tops in, the bases will be a bonus.
Nov 14 – Courtney is in town – no kitchen work (and I sure as heck hope I can get the rest of the house in shape, it has really gone to hell lately…
Nov 21 – Likely be finishing putting in the bases and plywood the countertop so we have something to work on until the countertop is ordered. Need to buy a new dishwasher in here somewhere….
Nov 28 – Turkey Day Weekend – No work
Dec 5 – Hopefully, if all else is on schedule we’ll be putting the cabinet fronts, drawers, and hardware on! And can start the countertop search and ordering process…
Dec 12 – Fudge week….as I’m positive we’ll not make all the progress we need to:)
Dec 19 – Maybe have counter tops in!

and as of today, Dec 3rd we’re ahead of schedule (and right on budget!)!  The dishwasher was delivered and will be installed tonight, all the drawer fronts are on (and have been for a while now), the plinths are installed, and the granite comes tomorrow!!!:)  Here we’ll be on Dec 4th where we thought we’d be on Dec 19th and aside from a small bit of plumbing to be finished on Saturday likely, we’ll be back to a functional kitchen!!

We’re going to pick up the lighting for under the cabinets this weekend and finally decide what to do with the microwave (put the old one back up or get a new one – i’m leaning towards new…).  That way DH can finish the electrical and I can have my stove back (right now we only have the top because it has an electric starter which makes the oven useless without electricity).

I’m debating on whether to take pics this weekend and show you all or not.  I’m thinking a big reveal may be in order but we’ll see.  Depends on how quickly we can get to the backsplash:)  See, once the counter top is in and the electrical is finished, we have a baby’s room to work on!  The backsplash and painting may have to wait.

Anywho…I can’t believe we’re almost there! This didn’t take nearly as long as I thought it would but it certainly was more work than I thought:)

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