Dec 072009

Seems my last few posts have been reno related and not related to little big foot (my mothers temporary name for our yet unnamed child).  That’s really because there’s not much to report outside of our weekly belly posts.  Little man is growing and stretching and just humming along nicely.

I had my glucose tolerance test this past Thursday and will hopefully find out tomorrow if I passed it.  While not horrible (the glucola was not really that bad), I dont want to have to sit for the 3 hour one because while some get to do it at the hospital where there’s a giftshop to occupy you, I get to do mine in the Quest offices. Which, contrary to popular belief, are not exactly the most thrilling or entertaining places to sit for 3 hours.  I can do without losing that 3 hours of my life – thankyouverymuch!

I did go to see a daycare this week and loved it!  I’d been thinking that we’d just put bigfoot into a center that’s on the way to DH’s office but it was sooooo expensive!  I’d always gone to home daycare’s as a child and had very positive experiences so I thought it was worth a shot to look for one for bigfoot.  I found a wonderful woman who’s licensed by the state of VA, has had great reviews from the inspectors, and also lives like 10 min away so I decided to meet her.  Thankfully she has room for an infant in the May time frame and it’s by far less expensive than any other I’ve seen recently.

I think that’s it for now:) Tomorrow is my next Dr’s appt and I think that that point I start into the two week appts – we’re getting close now!!

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