Dec 132009

Kind of…

We finally (actually – I finally) cleaned out DH’s office (sorry honey) and started to turn it into our nursery.  This meant finding a home for all the stuff that lived in that room including his computer. Thankfully, a little thoughtful rearrangement of the guest room and relocation of some furniture yielded a new spot for his set up.

Once that was cleared I managed to get the crib assembled and just stuck the bedding in place for now (i’ll have to remove it to get the mattress in once we have that).  We have the Babi Italia Eastside Classic crib from BRU – it’s beautiful (thanks mom and dad:) )

And best yet, with all that work, the crib box is now out of my office! horray!

Now, you all know me and lists so here’s the list for the baby’s room:
– arrange a time with my bro to get the mural painted (if not, paint the walls)
– find black out curtains and install them
– get changing table and assemble
– find glider/rocker, order, assemble as needed
– buy closet system for little mans closet and install
– paint said closet interior prior to shelving install
– find plush rug for him to play on and put it in the room (keep dog from claiming it as hers)
– install wall shelves for his little woodland creatures
– wash bedding
– install mattress
– find and purchase new tall lamp for the room (it has no installed lights, all light is provided by lamps)
– call HVAC guy to figure out why there’s little to no flow from the furnace in that room (baby needs to stay warm!)
– organize, organize, organize…

That’s what I can think of off the top of my head….I’m sure there’ll be more as his birthday approaches!

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