Dec 022009

A few weeks ago little man was just getting strong enough to make his kicks visible from outside my belly.  I remember laying on the bed in my NYC hotel room and watching my belly dance around as he practiced his karate moves.  Since then his movements have become stronger and he’s grown quite a bit so now, not only do I get to see kicks and jabs but entire body movements as he shifts from one side to the other. Plus, when he thumps, the entire belly moves, not just the one little place he hit – he knocked the remote off the top of my belly the other day!

Evenings and early mornings seem to be his play time so last night I took a break from our reno and instead grabbed a couple of pillows and got settled on the couch for the evening show.  Lying there, belly bare, I could see him kicking and grooving.  He’d shift from one side to the other (what an odd feeling!) and then start kicking again.  At one point he flipped entirely and his high thumps were replaced with a butt and some punches to my lower back (thanks kiddo!).  DH even had a chance to put his hands on my belly and get punched a few times – it’s still so wild to think about – there’s a baby in there! 

We had some fun with him while he was active.  I’d poke or move my belly and he’d respond with a kick or jab of his own.  I’d rub my hands over my belly and he’d move away from them.  I need to try the cold soda can trick once he gets a little bigger (putting a cold soda can over the area where he is should make him move to try to get away from the cold.  Someone told me it’s a great way to get them out of your ribs or other internal organs when they’ve nestled into an uncomfy spot).  I definitely have a new favorite past time:)

All in all the show lasted about 40 min and then he went back to sleep (I’m assuming).  He’s up and moving again this AM but sadly I have to work so I can’t lay back and enjoy the show :( 

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