Dec 082009

How far along are you? 28 Weeks

Total Weight gain/loss? um…the cream cheese caught up with me!  There was a significant jump in the dr’s scale which invoked a bit of scolding from both the nurse and the doc.  All in all I’m still only about 25 or 26 odd lbs up total (counting my shoes and sweater which are like 2 lbs combined! haha).  Doc said if I can keep it to 1/2 lb/week from here on out he’ll get off my case…haha…my apple juice addiction may prevent that.

Stretch marks? Nope:)

Baby Movement? Lots – I can sit here with my hand on my belly and feel him moving back and forth. 

Best moment this week? Passing my glucose tolerance test – no 3hr for me!!!

Food Cravings? Anything sweet – mostly Nerds and tangy/sugary things like that.  For once I’m not at all wanting chocolate – that’s a travesty!

Belly button in or out? There’s a tiny innie lip left, after a big meal or if I push my gut out it’s just about disappears and becomes flat!

Milestones? Sames as my best moment – passing my GD test.  Oh and dropping securely into the third trimester!
Weekly Wisdom?   Stop and take time to savor the little things – like little one kicking or flipping around in there.  Try and mark that memory in your head because soon enough he’ll be here and you’ll miss those little private moments between the two of you (of course to be replaces with a whole new set of moments but still…it’s going to be different) 

This weeks pics – at different zoom levels:)

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