Nov 082009

and family…:)  we’ve made great progress in our kitchen reno!  This weekend mom and dad king arrived with Tucker so everyone was entertained:)  Dad and Mark spent friday finishing the dry wall and running electrical, saturday the two of them managed to get all of our top cabinets hung and even started on the bottoms! It’s really starting to look like a kitchen now!

Here’s the list as we stand today:

– new cabinets need installed (70%)
– install temp sink and plumbing
– install door fronts, hardware, drawers (30%)
– install plinth and filler wood
– remove and purchase new dishwasher
– new countertop needs ordered (and then installed)
– permanent plumbing needs installed
– new backsplash needs installed
– whole kitchen needs painted

– install new light switch for under cabinet lighting – run the line too 
– install under cabinet lighting
– finish the electrical for the heated floors
– scrub every surface in the rest of the house and clear it of dust 
– dry wall the new pantry area so we can hang cabinets
– build cabinets
– seal the floor
– replace valves on copper under the sink so things actually shut off 
– run to Ikea to pick up missing pieces
– fix the fridge cabinet spacing

old vinyl tile flooring (all three layers) needs removed (25% done)
– new travertine flooring needs installed (80%)
– possible new under floor heating to be installed with the floor (that is if we dont need a new circut run for it)
– temporary kitchen needs assembled outside so we can do dishes and eat (not necessary – we’re working around it)
– need to fill the propane tank so we can actually eat once the stove is disconnected
– cabinets need emptied
– cabinets need removed (80% – still have a few uppers in there)
– old built in pantry needs demoed
– light switch needs moved (not necessary)

DH is tired for sure and I’m sure my dad is too.  Mom and I spent most of the weekend making sure they were well fed and caffeinated and did some shopping for baby!  Next weekend we have friends in town and will likely take a break but are hoping that we can get the rest of the bases in this week so we have all the boxes in and ready to go.

It’s really starting to shape up now, I’m soo excited!!

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