Nov 122009

oh boy!  Someone mentioned this on a chat board I frequent and it made me think – this 9 months of waiting, writing, and preparing will all end in a baby!  A live little human being that is wholly dependent on DH and I – and a boy no less (i’ve already got enough worries line up for the next 20 years)!

I’ve been having these moment more and more frequently. I’ll be doing something and realize that it just won’t be the same when little man arrives.  Not that it’s a bad thing, don’t get me wrong we’re super excited and I really can’t wait but it’s all still surreal.  I really don’t think it will hit me until we’re walking in the front door with our new little human and then wondering what the heck we got ourselves into!

Take yesterday for example.  DH and I had a late night and ended up sleeping in later in the AM.  Laying there, semi awake, I realized that our days of sleeping in (or getting any type of restful sleep) are numbered! Or when I was taking a shower.  I spent 15 min in there – after I’d washed my hair and what not – just standing under the water as it fell around me and I realized that come March, showers that last longer than 5 min will be a luxury.  Walking the dog, making dinner, even my work day will be different when our little dude shows is pretty face. 

But you know what?  I’m perfectly at ease with that (okay, not perfectly, but I’ll adjust).  We’ve had our time to do what we what, when we want etc.  It’s time now to show our little one how great the world is what what cool things there are to be had and done. It does scare the bejezzus out of me that he’ll actually grow up and go thru those lovely teen years but it also excites me to see what he becomes and what kind of man he’ll be.

I’m sure every parent-to-be has these fears and I’m almost positive that they’ve figured they’re way thru it.  I’m also positive that I’m in (we’re in :) ) for 50+ years of worry, excitement, joy, sorrow, love and laughter and I’m okay with that:)

..No, I’m better thank okay….I’m ecstatic!

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