Nov 222009

So get out the popcorn!  Here comes another thrilling installation of renovation nation…

We made great progress!  We spent yesterday picking out and then ordering granite (among other things house but non kitchen related).  We picked something called Labrador Black which is a pretty consistent black granite with warm amber undertones (as warm as you can make black I supposed).  They did the digital template that evening and we expect sign off tomorrow on the design so that we can have it installed Dec 4!!

Today we went to two – yes, TWO – Ikeas in order to find everything we needed.  As it turned out, our normal Ikea was rearranging their warehouse and it went on 4 days longer than it was supposed to (or than what they had on their website) and we couldn’t get what we needed from them.  So, since we have to have it prior to the granite going in, that meant we had to drive to the other Ikea – 40 min away – to get what we needed. We’re fortunate to live smack in middle of two Ikeas (read: equa-distant) but going from one to the other is a bit of a haul.  We did get to see the monuments downtown on our trip though – haha.

Another pre-requ of the granite install is to have the dishwasher purchased and installed prior.  Since DH has a volleyball game tomorrow and we’re leaving for the family on wed, we have Tuesday to find, purchase, and arrange install prior to the Dec 4 granite guys!

Ah….we’re soooooo close to having a fully working kitchen again!  We still have a ways to go even after the countertops go in but we’ll have counterspace and a brand new sink/faucet!

No pictures this time as there’s not a ton of change (the cabinets have fronts but..)

The list:
– new cabinets need installed (70%)
– install temp sink and plumbing
– install door fronts, hardware, drawers (50%)
– install plinth and filler wood
– remove and purchase new dishwasher
– new countertop needs ordered (and then installed)
– permanent plumbing needs installed
– new backsplash needs installed
– whole kitchen needs painted
– install new light switch for under cabinet lighting – run the line too 

– install under cabinet lighting
– finish the electrical for the heated floors

– scrub every surface in the rest of the house and clear it of dust

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