Nov 082009

So, even with the kitchen reno going on, I need to start thinking about the baby’s nursery (I mean, we’re almost 6 months along after all, this baby is coming whether we like it or not!).  I’ve been looking for bedding for a while now and am so fickle! I’ve fallen in love with no less than 2 sets :(  Although I think though that I’ve finally made up my mind (and need to stop looking at bedding for fear of falling in love again).

My brother is going to do a mural on the wall that coordinates with the bedding and the latest stuff that I’ve picked out will give him lots of options I hope.  Here’s what we’re looking at:

It’s called Enchanted Hollow from Eddie Bauer.  I saw it at Baby Depot and just fell in love (again:) ).  It’s has all the outdoorsy elements we wanted for our little man including a cute little fox, hedgehog, and owls!  I just can’t get over the cute little animals on the quilt!  I figured he’d do a forest theme on the walls or something..we’ll see once he gets painting.  It should also work for a little girl if we happen to luck out with child #2 down the road.

We also ordered the crib this weekend from Babies R Us.  Mom and I felt bad, the guy at the store was helpful but didn’t get to reap the commission reward because they didn’t have the crib in stock and advised us to order it on line (which was actually better for us but I still felt bad).

Here’s the crib we bought:

It’s the Babi Italia Classic Eastside crib.  I really went back and forth between a sleigh type crib, one with a higher back, and this one.  In the end I liked the simplicity and build of this one and how it can be either masculine or feminine depending on the bedding. Plus, even with the mattress down in the lower positions, I can still reach in and put the baby down (yes, i tried this in the store, with my pretend baby!)  I need to find a changing table to match it but can do that in my own time.  Those you don’t have to order way out in advance.

The last thing we’ll need for the nursery is the rocking chair.  I really don’t want a glider but that seems to be all they sell.  DH and I talked about a poang chair from Ikea in leather so it’s easy to clean but then I sat in this baby:

It’s the Rock-A-Bye chair from BRU in chocolate chenelle. It goes against just about everything i said i wanted in a chair (rocker, simple, washable, cheap) but it’s so squishy and comfy and not only rocks but swivels that I think I must have it! There’s an ottoman that goes along that will be necessary too but for now I’m concentrating on the chair.  The seat is deep but not too deep so I can still reach the floor comfortably with my feet so when I’m nursing I can use my knees to prop things up.  Now I just need to raise the $350 that it costs (not including the ottoman!).  Ack – such a lovely chair at such an unlovely price.
Anyways, we’ve not started to assemble any of this yet. I still need to get DH’s computer out of the baby’s room and into my loft office but that’s an entirely new project that requires the purchase of matching desks and a bookshelf (because the loft is exposed and I’m OCD about matching, we can’t just put any ole desk out there next to my existing desk).  I may need to just give up and deal with that later – we’ll see:)
…Maybe we’ll have this done before he gets here (note to baby – please take your full time cooking, no month early surprises here please)
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