Nov 242009

How far along are you? 26 Weeks

Total Weight gain/loss? um…turkey day is this week, can we just pretend to ignore the scale?

Stretch marks? Nope:)

Baby Movement? he goes thru spurts. There’ll be a day or two when I don’t feel him much followed by a few days of gangbuster movements!

Best moment this week? DH finally felt the little man!  We were laying in bed after I got home and Hans (the babe) was kicking furiously so I pulled DH’s hand over to the belly and he finally got to feel it!  He was funny.  He was like “if I can feel this, then you really must feel like he’s punching his way out!” – yes dear, that’s about how it feels sometimes.  

Food Cravings? Nothing really substantial lately.  I have yet to have the overwhelming feeling that I just must have something….i was always craving prone to begin with.

Belly button in or out? Still in but barely

Milestones? Well, this happened a few weeks ago but I finally had to take off my wedding band and e-ring.  They were starting to get really tight and I didn’t want to take a chance of them getting started.  The baby bedding arrived this week too!
Weekly Wisdom?   Don’t over do it.  I used to know what my body could handle activity wise but I’m finding myself getting really run down and tired to the point where I’m starting to get sick. I need to remember that I am carrying a child and not my normal go-go-go self. 

I’m looking progressively tired in this pics – time to figure out how to get more sleep!:)

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