Nov 212009

I’m finally done traveling I think so that’s a great thing! Traveling while pregnant is a challenge.  It’s not so much the getting around part because walking/flying/etc are no problem.  Its the eating situation.  It’s just so hard to eat well while away from home when your only option is to eat out.  I tried really hard to eat fruit etc for breakfast but lunch and dinner were always out somewhere and I always paid for it later – Rolaids Soft Chews are my newest best friend!

How far along are you? 25 Weeks (and a few days – thank you work travel!)

Total Weight gain/loss? pretending not to notice…

Stretch marks? Nope:)

Baby Movement? Kunfu fighter for sure

Best moment this week? Chivalry is not dead! Maybe not a “best moment” but definitely a sweet surprise.  I was using mass transit while I was in San Fran and had more than one occasion where a gentleman gave up his seat on the crowded bus or train to allow front heavy me to have a seat.  

Food Cravings? Still have an apple/apple juice thing going on (which is good because apple juice is not as acidic as OJ which causes all sorts of pain!)

Belly button in or out? Still in but stretching

Milestones? Well, we’re past viability and the babe is about 1.5 lbs now!  He looks like a little doll (or so the books say)
Weekly Wisdom?   Get your fiber! haha…and water for sure!  The body functions much better when you get plenty of both!

Excuse how exhausted I look.  It was my first day in SFO and I was spent!

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