Nov 102009

How far along are you? 24 Weeks

Total Weight gain/loss? um…ya…up 17lbs so far.  Doc was surprised at the jump, hopefully it’s because little man had a growth spurt and not all the Halloween candy I ate – ack!

Stretch marks? Nope:)

Baby Movement? Yup, all the time – karate chops and ninja rolls

Best moment this week? Lots of fun things this week.  1. My mom felt the baby kick!  Sad that DH hasn’t yet but I dont know that he knows exactly what he’s feeling even if he did feel little man kick.  He can see the belly rock and roll all the time now.  2. Bean has a nick name now too – Hans:)  3. I ordered little man’s crib (see in previous post)

Food Cravings? Apples!

Belly button in or out? Still in but stretching

Milestones? I’m now into my last 1/3 of the second trimester.  Little man will start packing on the pounds over the next few weeks (as will mamma i’m sure:( )
Weekly Wisdom?   Yes, aches and pains are normal and no, you’re not a baby for complaining about them:)

I feel like there’s not a ton of change in the pics but as I look at them side by side there’s more volume in the belly if you get what I mean.  He’s starting to spread out more to the sides than to the front.

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