Oct 252009

I’ve been taking videos here and there of the reno but these are probably the most fun.  We borrowed my dad’s Sawz-all to help take down the pantry and it’s come in very handy all over.  I didn’t get pantry demo pics because I was at Home Depot while DH proceeded without me (no need to be there in all that dust and noise) but I did get him demoing the peninsula and taking out the parts of the counter top that we didn’t need….

So, here’s the original check list with new things listed in orange:

old vinyl tile flooring (all three layers) needs removed (25% done)
– new travertine flooring needs installed (80%)
– possible new under floor heating to be installed with the floor (that is if we dont need a new circut run for it)
– temporary kitchen needs assembled outside so we can do dishes and eat (not necessary – we’re working around it)
– need to fill the propane tank so we can actually eat once the stove is disconnected
– cabinets need emptied
– cabinets need removed (80% – still have a few uppers in there)
– old built in pantry needs demoed
– light switch needs moved (not necessary)
– new cabinets need installed (25%)
– new countertop needs ordered (and then installed)
– new backsplash needs installed
– whole kitchen needs painted
– remove and purchase new dishwasher

– install new light switch for under cabinet lighting – run the line too
– dry wall the new pantry area so we can hang cabinets
– build cabinets
– seal the floor
– finish the electrical for the heated floors
– replace valves on copper under the sink so things actually shut off
– install door fronts, hardware, drawers
– run to Ikea to pick up missing pieces
– run to the dump with large truck full of debris
– fix the fridge cabinet spacing
Seems the list keeps getting longer but only a few of those are requirements to get our functional kitchen back.  The rest is finish work.  The main targets this week are to finish the tiling which means the rest of the bases have to come out.  Then next week is cabinet building with DH’s parents.  The following weekend is cabinet hanging with my parents and then we should be back to semi functional.  A quick plywood top will hold us over until the granite is picked, ordered, and delivered.  Now, to start saving for that task!
And yes, i know…more belly pics…
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