Oct 152009


He was not shy at all about showing us his parts! We spent over an hour with the tech going over all the measurements and just watching him bounce around in there! She said he was more cooperative than alot of the babies have been lately but he still gave us some trouble. She’d get set to take a picture and he’d move away:)

When it came time to get a pic of the lips and nose, he pulled his hands up in front like a boxer and wouldn’t move – as if to say, “aw c’mon, i’m trying to sleep here…” just like his daddy:)

I can’t believe we’re having a little boy! Now we just have to come up with some names for him!

This pic is the other one they gave us (we have video that Mark shot too that i’ll have to loop together and post). You can see his head and eye sockets, brain etc on the right of the image. The funny thing in the middle is his umbilical cord which has the right number of vessels in it and everything!

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