Oct 252009

So, I’m on an update roll….this makes something like 4 blog posts for today!  I’ve been meaning to get alot of this up this past week but alas work has gotten the best of me!  Anyway…my family will probably shoot me for this but these pics are too great not to share:)

We went to my cousin’s wedding last weekend in PA and it was there first time in a while that all of us had been together in one spot for more than an hour or so and we took full advantage.

I assure you I’ve not been drinking in this pics, we were just having such an amazing time with one another it was hard not to get goofy and have a blast.  And I’ve proved that pregnancy is not a disablity – I spent most of my evening grooving on the dance floor with my dad, Caty, and/or my bro, husband, grandma, aunts, uncles and the rest.  It was serioulsy a blast!

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