Oct 252009
Okay…here’s what we started with when we moved in….nice and shiny
Here’s where are as of yesterday….
No more pantry…that will be an upper and lower set of cabinets – two each to be exact!  The stove is in a weird spot for now so we can tile under it (today’s job)

The peninsula is gone too but only temporarily….we’ll put it back with another corner cabinet, and two sets of drawers instead of one big cabinet.  Much easier to organize that way!  Yes, the uppers will come down too…it’s just not necessary at this point and I was tired after all that….

Below is DH taking out the cabinets under the counter top.  We had to cut the top because we wanted to preserve the area around the sink for now…we’re trying to do this reno while minimizing the impact as much as possible to the function of the kitchen.  It’s probably making it harder in the long run but having a sink with running water, a stove, and a fridge is just too convenient.

And last but not least, the work we did this past week.  We got the new pantry and upper cabinet up.  We moved the fridge back only to find out that we needed to add a little more space – the opening is exactly the same size as the fridge which prevents us from opening the door past 90 degrees…oh well…it’s functional for now, we’ll fix it later:)  But until then, we can’t load the cabinet..bummer.

We also discovered that we’re missing a bunch of stuff from our shipment.  Namely the cover panels for the side of that cabinet, the plinth for the floor that covers the bottom of the cabinet and a few other cover panels.  There is an Ikea trip in our future for sure!

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